November 8 2012

How we’re fixing pricing

[background: DailyCred is the best way to handle user accounts on your website]

When we announced our big update on HackerNews recently, we also changed our pricing. We did a couple things wrong that scared away people who wanted to sign-up.

How we screwed up:

  • no free tier to try the service
  • a credit card screen that scared people away

This seems obvious (but we got it wrong): Developers need to try your service before they will buy it. It’s crucial that they can easily sign up and try it without risk, so they can learn about it and see if it’s right for their project.

How we’re fixing it:

  • now with free tier up to 50 users
  • no credit card required to try it out

Thank you:

As a thanks for giving DailyCred a look and signing up today, here’s a 50% off coupon. If you like the service (and we’re sure you will!) you’ll get a discounted rate when your site grows into one of the paid plans. There’s no risk - sign up today to lock in the discounted price!

* coupon code expires Nov 14.

DailyCred is the easiest way to add user accounts to your website or app.

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